Delivery time of Laptop from HP Directplus in Japan(In my case of order in 2021 Feb)

Hi! I’m “sita” who feel sorry for my parents because I helped them only IT works when I was a student.

In this article, I will write the experience that I purchase the Hewlett Packard (HP) Laptop from HP Directplus in Japan. (I’m Japanese.)

HP Directpus is an official shopping website you can buy the desktops, laptops and so on directly from HP.

I’m a geek of IT gadgets, so I was so excited and anxious for my laptop arrival. I always thought “When my lovely laptop will come?” I couldn’t help googling “HP delivery time”, “How long HP delivery” (Of course, I googled them in Japanese).

I found many blogs talking about the delivery time in Japan, however, many of them says “I was kept waiting for more than 3 months,” and in worst case, he more than 9 months and canceled. This made me so nervous, and you also?

Saying the conclusion at first, I was not kept waiting for such a long time even I ordered a missing item (Less than 1 month). So, I will write the delivery time here in order to reassure you or leave the hint for the delivery time in Japan.

HP Laptop I bought

The laptop I bought was HP Pavilion 15-eg0000(11th gen Core-i3,250GB SSD,8GB RAM,15 inch Glossy display). This PC is not for me but for family use. The price was about 77,000 Japanese yen.

HP Pavilion 15-eg0000

My parents only ask me to buy a laptop with 15 inch display and finger print reader. So, I was only careful about the reflections from my purchase of Dell XPS13 9300. Sorry, I have not translated it yet, but there is my Japanese review article of Dell XPS13 9300. If you have time, please read it with Google translation.

DELL XPS13 9300レビュー!高級感に全振りのスタイリッシュPC!(Let’s note CF-SX4から乗り換えた感想)
2020年6月に購入したDELL XPS13 9300(メモリ16GB,タッチ非対応1920x1200ディスプレイ,SSD512GB)を使用した感想!高級感がとにかく半端ない!ただ不満点も結構あるのでXPS13を検討中の人は是非読んでみてください!

I used the HP Pavilion 15-eg0000 only a few times, so I only write the easy reviews.

First, the process speed is very fast for its price. This is because HP Pavilion 15-eg0000 has the latest 11th gen core-i3 at that time. The performance is much higher than laptops which is advertised as core-i7 equipped but very old generation core-i7. (I don’t know other countries case, but the deceiving advertisement is very common in Japan…).
I’m so impressed the performance of less than 80,000 yen newest laptop. This is future! lol
Anyway, if you are considering to buy new PC, please check the generation of CPU. The generation is very important. Only 1 gen difference is a large difference.

Secondary, Abundant interfaces: HDMI, USB Type-A x3, USB Type-C, Charging port other than Type-C, Earphone port. So, you don’t need buy USB hub. Oh, I think it’s common that it is not necessary to prepare USB port. But some current high-end laptop only have a few USB type-C ports…

And finally, it does not so matter for me, but the texture is cheap as price. My laptop DELL XPS13 9300 is covered with aluminum alloy and CFRP. So, I feel the texture of HP Pavilion 15-eg0000 like touching toys. Personally, texture of laptop is not value-reduced factor but only value-added factor for me.

Timeline from order to delivery

2021/2/20 AfternoonOrdered my laptop. Order reception e-mail had come immediately.
2021/2/22 NoonOrder acceptation e-mail had come.
2021/2/24 MidnightNotice e-mail of item shortage had come.
2021/3/11 MidnightAnnounce e-mail of delivery date had come.
2021/3/16 NoonAnnounce e-mail of delivery ID had come.
2021/3/17 AfternoonThe PC had arrived as announced.

There was no e-mail or massage on HP Directplus during 2/24-3/11. This means I couldn’t guess how long I would be kept waiting. But the result was that I waited for less than 1 month.

(By the way, I was kept waiting for about 2 weeks when I bought DELL XPS13 9300 in 2020 June.)

In addition, as the above table, e-mail had come in every phases. So, I think you don’t need to check HP directplus frequently.

In my case, I checked everyday since I was very nervous.

Bad effects of late delivery and the measures

Here, I will write my opinions about the late delivery. I found some Japanese SNS comments like “Delivery time is too late? No. Just wait. Are you a short temper person? lol”. However, I think delivery time is important even if you don’t have short temper.

Bad effects of too late delivery

  • You can buy higher performance PC with same price at that day.
  • The period becomes long you do your task inefficiently with old PC.
  • If you love gadgets like me, you can’t concentrate anything until you receive the PC

Is last one only for me? Anyway, the first 2 ones are for everyone. Especially if your current PC has became slow seriously, the delivery time is very important. The time you use ultra-slow PC is completely a waste of time.

Measures for late delivery effects

  • Considering late delivery, choose the higher grade PC than you planned.
  • Choose prompt delivery items
  • Go a large electronics retail store (like Bic-camera and Yodobashi-camera if you stay Japan now)
  • Google and read many articles about purchase experience like this article, and guess the good timing of order. (I can’t do this!)

The measures you can do are like above. It’s not only for PC purchase, but you should select the method with considering the balance among some kinds of costs : money, time and effort.

I thought “Oh. I have already been tired by PC research. So I don’t do more effort for the purchase. I won’t care about delivery date.” (Of course, I cared the delivery date crazily from the next day!)


The delivery time of HP laptop was less than 1 month in Japan when I ordered in 2021 Feb.

However, there were no announce between announce of item shortage and announce of delivery date. It is very hard to guess what is the day your PC will arrive.

If you don’t want to be waiting for some months absolutely, I recommend you buy prompt delivery items or use other store than HP Directplus.